Every season the coaches make a movie to premiere at the post season awards banquet.  The movie is typically a parody of a film that was released that year.  They are notoriously goofy, fun, and charming... and we are working on gathering them up for your viewing pleasure!

Please enjoy our current collection.  More to come soon!

2018 - Sea Monkey Star Wars / 15-18 Wakeups 

2018 Coaches: Olivia Hovan, Nick Bauman, Sydney Mayberry, George Kinney, Greta Milbrandt,

Ian Cox, Lauren Vargo, Lauren Stajcar, Jaret Reimer

2017 - Sea Monkey Star Wars / 15-18 Wakeups 

2017 Coaches: Joey Vitale, Reese Laurell, Nick Bauman, Regan Laurell, Olivia Hovan, Jamie Skupnik

2016 - Finding Dory / Pokemon GO Music Video / 15-18 Wakeups 

2016 Coaches: Joey Vitale, Amy Strawser, Reese Laurell, Nick Bauman, Regan Laurell, Olivia Hovan, Jamie Skupnik

2015 - Avengers 2: Age of Waterfordtron / Uptown Funk Music Video

2015 Coaches: Joey Vitale, Louie Marcinek, Kelsy Centeno, Amy Strawser, Reese Laurell, Grant Brighter, Bryan Wolf, Kayla Brighter

2014 Coaches: Joey Vitale, Louie Marcinek, Tia Simpson, David Palmer, Kelsy Centeno, Amy Strawser

2014 - Frozen 

2011 - Sea Monkey Wipeout 

2011 Coaches: Kate Varty, Carina Matyas, Nick Verbos, Joey Vitale, Abby Pautz, Bob Legato

2009 Coaches: Kevin, Mallory, Jordan, Allison, Kate

2009 - The Dark Knight (Sea Monkey Saviors) 

More movies are on the way! 

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